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Co-hosted with Phi Kappa Tau, Philanthrodance is Epsilon Delta Mu's annual, spring dry event that supports Serious Funs Children’s camps, which “help children with serious illnesses have serious fun.” All donations go directly to Serious Fun Children’s network. The event features dancing, free food to the first 80 people, and music performances by student bands.



Shocktoberfest is an annual fall event held by Epsilon Delta Mu and was co-hosted by Athletes for Equality this year. This all-campus dry event consists of student band performances, Halloween snacks and attire, and raising money for Kaleidoscope, the only LGBTQ youth center in Ohio. Funds are raised during and prior to the event, where students have the opportunity to donate money to have a member from Epsilon Delta Mu or Athletes for Equality get pied in the face during Shocktoberfest.



Ice Cream Fundraiser

Every spring, the sisters of Epsilon Delta Mu deliver ice cream sundaes to students across Kenyon's campus. We charge $2 for one scoop, $3 for two scoops, and 25 cents per topping. We offer chocolate and vanilla ice cream and sprinkles, chocolate syrup, gummy bears, caramel syrup, and whipped cream for toppings. All proceeds are donated to New Directions, Knox County’s Domestic Abuse Shelter and Rape Crisis Center.

Chest Cancer Awareness

As of spring 2019, Epsilon Delta Mu and Zeta Alpha Pi began a new project for Women's Outreach to raise money for chest (breast) cancer awareness. During Valentine's week, roses are sold for $3 to raise money to purchase supplies to help spread awareness about chest cancer through the forms of posters, pamphlets, and chest exam shower hangers. The remaining money is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. 

Body Positive Fashion Show

In collaboration with the Center for Balanced Living, Melissa Markstein ('22) organized Epsilon Delta Mu's first ever student-run fashion show in December of 2019. With a focus on the notion that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, volunteers were asked to create outfits for other students who would then model these looks in the fashion show. 

Community Service

Halloween / Spring Dog Parade 

Every semester Epsilon Delta Mu organizes a dog parade to raise funds for the Knox County Animal Shelter, inviting Kenyon community dogs to strut down Middle Path alongside their owners. In the fall, pups are encouraged to show-off their Halloween costumes, and in the spring, they display any charming spring-themed outfits.

All-Campus Activities

Wild Wild West 

Our annual all-campus party is held the first month of the fall semester. We invite all Kenyon students to dress in their finest western gear and kick-off the academic year in celebration with EDM!

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