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Our Mission

Founded in 2000 by Erica Trinder, Sayako Earle, Erin McConnell, and Kate Leland, our sisterhood strives to unite all women at Kenyon College and beyond through our service and compassion.

Our Philosophy

Epsilon Delta Mu is based on the Greek philosophy of Eudaimonia (u-die-mo-nee-a), Aristotle's belief that a good life is achieved through happiness, friendship, knowledge, and virtue. With these four values, we plan to enrich ourselves, our sisters, and the community as a whole.


As part of a sisterhood, members share a common identity through a vibrant community. A member's duty towards her sisterhood will help her learn to work and develop connections with other members of diverse backgrounds. As part of the organization, a sister is pledging her individual duty to each member as well as promising to fulfill her duties as part of a service-oriented organization.


Therefore, Eudaimonia is a philosophy for the way in which we should ideally live our lives; a sorority is also, in a sense, a way of life, effectively constructed to strengthen friendships. We welcome women of all backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. We encourage open-mindedness within our sorority and throughout the Kenyon community.

Our Symbols

MOTTO:  "It is not the length of the life we live, but how well we live it."



COLORS: Cranberry, Silver, and White


MASCOT: The Australian Emu


CREST: The original was derived from a Celtic crest by one of our founders, and represents the four tenets of eudaimonia (updated crest designed by Ayla McBreen.)

Final Version of the EDM Crest.png
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