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Uniting & Empowering Women for 23 Years!

"EΔM completely changed my perception of what a sorority was. After watching my friends go through recruitment 10 years ago at their schools, I didn’t think Greek Life was for me because I didn’t fit the image or interests they were promoting. However, going through Kenyon recruitment and meeting the EΔMs completely blew my preconceived ideas out of the water. These women are smart, driven, and unbelievably talented. It shows after they’ve left the Hill, too. EΔMs have become published authors, advocates, scientists, complete bosses, and take the world by storm. Most importantly, I felt welcomed and appreciated for who I was. EΔM was one of the best decisions I made at Kenyon and the love has only grown as an alumna."  


- Karuna Ramcharran ’12

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